Into the Shadows

I'm not that old

Odion Eldric

"Oh, come now, Rockseeker. You mean to tell me that I'm too old to be trainin' a few whippersnappers? I'm offended!" I chide the dwarf next to me before taking a swig of ale.

"'Whippersnappers?' Ha! That's definitely a sign of gettin' too old!" he quipped, letting out a hearty laugh. "So, when's that hot-shot ex-soldier gettin' here? I need to get going before too long!"

"Oh don't get your beard in a bunch. That trash-hole of a city is quite a distance away. If yer in that much of a hurry, then don't wait up. You got that mercenary with you anyway."

"Love to, but I got all that new blood comin' from all over. Hell, even Liadon's girl is lookin' for an adventure! He'd kill me if I left her here!"

I let out a sigh. "Don't worry. I ain't gonna die anytime soon. I'll take 'em there if you're that desperate to get on the road."

"Ya sure? that'll be five, maybe six small ones to keep roped together."

"Like I said, I ain't that old. Not yet anyway."

"I owe ya. Big time."

I grunt in response



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